The Growers

Trelawne Farm, Tikokino 

350 hectares farmed by the King Family since 1973.

Climate :Moderately wet winters with very dry summers.

Significantly different soil types ranging from strong alluvial silts to very free draining gravels.

The King's run a mixed cropping intensive stock wintering programme which is made up of the following: 

The summer crop programme is made up of 100 hectares of peas and barley and a further 25 hectares of squash (Kubocha) which is exported to Japan and Korea.

The winter cropping follows these summer crops and approx. 1100 head of cattle are wintered on the ensuing crop mainly Goliath rape and winter oats.  1,000 hoggets (ie. mature lambs) are also finished over the winter months on some of these crops. 

They run a 300 ewe stud Poll Dorset flock and the selected ram progeny are sold as rams for meat production to commercial farmers.

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