Product FAQs

How should I clean my duvet inner?

Purely Dorset inners are machine washable.  We recommend washing them on a wool wash at less than 30oC water temperature. They are also dry cleanable.

What is the difference between the summer and winter weights?

The summer weight is 350 gsm and the winter is 500 gsm.  GSM is grams per square metre. 

The weight to choose depends largely on where you live as well as whether or not you heat your home during the night in winter.

We recommend a summer weight one for all year round use (adding a blanket to the bed in the winter). 

In Auckland we use a 350 gsm one from October through to April and a 500 gsm one from April through to September. We do not heat our home at night.

What are the measurements of NZ bed sizes?

Single                    Mattress 91 x 203 cm     Duvet 140 x 210 cm

King single            Mattress 107 x 203 cm   Duvet 180 x 210 cm

Queen                  Mattress 153 x 203 cm   Duvet 210 x 210 cm

King                       Mattress 167 x 203 cm   Duvet 245 x 210 cm

Super King            Mattress 183 x 203 cm   Duvet 265 x 210 cm

Extra Large Queen Full                                Duvet 223 x 234 cm 

Extra Large King Full                                     Duvet 274 x 234 cm

What is Australian King Size in New Zealand sizing?

Australian King is equivalent to a New Zealand Super King.  Mattress size is 183 x 203 cm.

What size should I get for a double bed?

Always go for Queen size for a double bed.

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